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Volunteer for the VIRTUAL National Hotline Volunteer Month!

Hi 4helpers!

It’s August and many of you are preparing yourselves and or family members to go back to school. True we’re still distancing, masking up and otherwise looking out for each other; but there’s still plenty of time to squeeze in some leisure time, work on those tans and support your favorite causes.

Earlier this summer we gave you a brief preview of the upcoming National Hotline Volunteer Month (NHVM). We can’t wait to launch our fall hotline volunteer support event this October. To increase participation and keep everyone physically distant yet socially connected, NHVM will now be a virtual event!

Whether you’re working or studying from home or away this fall, consider supporting NHVM as a fantastic way to reconnect to your community and make a difference. 4Help & HelpUnited aren’t asking for your money. Instead we’re looking for interested volunteers to offer their skills and or spread the word about our efforts to support some of the hardest working volunteers in the industry.

Don’t forget, volunteering is a great way to help yourself while helping others. We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and look forward to keeping you posted!

In the meantime, are you or do you know a hotline volunteer who is interested in joining a supportive community of like-minded individuals? Or maybe you could you use a friendly ear during these trying times, after weeks months or years of offering your own to others. Thinking about becoming a hotline volunteer yourself and aren’t sure where to start? Contact HelpUnited!

Ready 4Help?

We’re here for you!

Just dial #4Help (#44357) from a cell phone, visit, or dial (855-443-5767) from any phone.

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