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The purpose of the #4Help database is to provide a comprehensive listing of health and human service resources covering all 50 States. We rather mistakenly include a service than miss out on including a service that others might exclude - but actually provides a service truly intended to benefit the lives of individuals and families.


We collect and classify programs and services that help to enhance the quality of individual, family and/or community life using categories, subcategories and keywords. No service that provides similar services will receive preference over another. We will not knowingly accept advertisements or donations from anyone or any company affiliated with a hotline or helpline services.

We run a truly unbiased service as we believe that benefits the people that we serve much more so than having an allegiance to an entity that controls our agency in any manner.


The information contained on this page provides our full inclusion/exclusion policy.  


#4Help will include the following types of agencies that have provided services for at least six months and are registered or licensed as required by regulating agencies.  During a disaster exceptions can be made for emergency services.  


  • Non-profit, private and government agencies

  • Community and self-help support  groups

  • Community collaborations and coalitions

  • Organizations that provide services nationally and those who provide services solely via the web.  

  • Exceptions may apply for agencies and/or programs that serve vulnerable populations; i.e. homeless individuals, youth, older adults, victims of domestic violence, or individuals with disabilities.  Specific agencies may be required to show documentation to support their licensing and/or governing body regulations.  

  • Agencies that have made a commitment to doing their best to improving the lives of others.


#4Help will consider including the following for-profit, private and group practices:

  • Agencies or programs providing service related to any service dedicated to enhancing the lives of any person.

  • For-profit agencies and services if those services are not adequately met by the nonprofit sector

  • Programs that have a fee structure that meets the needs of low to moderate income individuals or families 

  • Programs that provide unique, specifically targeted or difficult to access  services



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