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CloudHQ - the Best New Thing Since Sliced Bread!


We've all experienced this.

You've got Google Business Apps, which is a fantastic set of tools for non-profit and for profit businesses, but there's a missing feature that you realty need, The kind of feature, that would save you tons of time and energy.

That's why cloudHQ exists.

They have come to our rescue on many occasions, with add-on apps and tools that we add to our Google Business Apps with just a click.

Most recently, we wanted to forward hundreds of "Google Alert" emails to one of our volunteers. We were sending them one at a time, the task was tedious and time consuming.

Another volunteer remembered that cloudHQ always seems to know what we need.

She clicked on our dashboard and quickly found 2 tools that we could use that would turn this tedious task into a one minute project. We wouldn't even have to worry about missed emails.

Thank you to cloudHQ for reading our minds and coming to our rescue over and over again.

+ Disclosure, The Hotline Directory has NO business relationship with cloudHQ other than using their products and services.


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