National Hotline Volunteer Month honored the inspirational generosity of people who not only give of their valuable time, they also dig down deep into the hearts to give from their souls. 

Thousands of volunteers, who cover voice phone calls, text chat and web chat, must prepare themselves every day to meet whatever challenges lay ahead. Regardless of the challenge, these volunteers provide skilled and kind help to individuals, who are usually in the grip of a major crisis.

These volunteers must think on their feet, and rely on their instincts. They will need to instantly assess each new caller and then determine the manner by which they will present themselves, to earn the callers' trust. 

Join #4Help in Sponsoring National Hotline Volunteers Month

Please consider co-sponsoring this first annual event. A schedule of activities, plans, awards, and surprises is being developed by our volunteer Outreach Team. We have a large scale, boots on the ground outreach plan for getting the word out about NHVM.