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The Evolution of Personal Hygiene

Hello out there!

#4help here, bringing you another quick post to view between your binge-watching, in-home workouts, virtual meetups, and aggressive hand washing!

Speaking of hand washing, one positive thing happening as of late is the renewed focus on personal hygiene. Germaphobes and compulsive cleaners rejoice! The world is finally seeing the light and following in your example.

Even so, it may be shocking and a bit frustrating to see bare shelves where seemingly lifetimes supplies of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, body wash and disinfecting wipes used to be. Instead, let’s refocus on the positive! Let’s take a step back and see just how far we’ve come when it comes to personal hygiene, practice some gratitude, and learn something new.

Nervous about your toilet paper supply? In 300 B.C. people used a salt water soaked sponge on a stick! Just a bit of trivia, NOT a recommendation.

What did the ancient Greeks use for soap?

Why did Romans pee on their clothes?

When & where was toilet paper invented?

Who is Thomas Crapper and is his last name a hint?

Check out this spiffy infographic and find out!

Kudos to PlumbWorld, a bathroom products company in the UK, for compiling this infographic! They also have a pretty interesting section on bathroom trivia if you’d like to quiz your family.

Stay healthy!

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