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Helping the Helpers: Support for Hotline Volunteers

As you likely know by now, 4Help is a non-profit organization providing a centralized directory for national and local help and hotlines that provide a variety of services. It’s wonderful that these days we can open our laptops, pick up a phone, or text a number for access to whatever resources and emotional support we may need! But what about the people on the other end of the line or keyboard? Who helps these heroes?

Enter HelpUnited!

Formed in 2020 as a division of North American Help Services Alliance Inc, HelpUnited is an organization seeking to increase the number of hotline volunteers by offering support, training where needed, and best practice sharing. In fact, the organization has four main goals:

  1. Ensuring Protection & Respect of All Volunteers

  2. Creating a Safe Community for Volunteers to Express Their Opinions

  3. Utilizing the Clout of Our Huge Community of Volunteers to Recommend Best Practices

  4. To Address Concerns About the Proper Use of Nonprofits Utilization of Resources by Hotlines Management

This is a huge mission to undertake, but well worth it as hotline volunteers deserve as much care and support as they are offering to their communities!

To honor these volunteers and celebrate their efforts, 4Help and HelpUnited are launching the first annual National Hotline Volunteers Month in October 2020. NHVM for short, because clearly everything is better as an acronym. Consider this your first heads up as we’ll be filling you in with many more details about how to get involved and show your support in the coming months.

In the meantime, are you or do you know a hotline volunteer who is interested in joining a supportive community of like-minded individuals? Or maybe you could you use a friendly ear during these trying times, after weeks months or years of offering your own to others. Thinking about becoming a hotline volunteer yourself and aren’t sure where to start? Contact HelpUnited!


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