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8 months ago, we put the call out for a blogger volunteer.

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Little did we know, that our call would be answered by a talented, creative and generous person such as Jill, our 4Helper-Blogger-Extraordinaire. Jill answered our ad, and once I had successfully completed HER interview, Jill agreed to join our team.

For the past 8 months, time and time again, Jill has shared with us, her panache for creating sophisticated blogs. She shares with us, in each of her posts,her delightful sense of humor, while at the same time inserting an "ah, hah" important insight.

As a result, Jill educates us, while entertainimg us, making each blog post a gemstone.

Unfortunately for us, Jill's tenure at #4Help is coming to an end this month. She's heading off to graduate school to study for a PhD at a top rung university. Hopefully, we can coax her into coming home for a few guest blog posts in the future (?)

I only wish that our agency was further along in its branding mission, so that more people could have appreciated Jill's artful work. (You can be sure that we'll be recycling Jill's blogs in the future :-)

However, we are pleased that at least some of us had the opportunity to enjoy Jill's work. Filling her shoes will not be easy - but if anyone reading this is interested in the volunteer position, please send your email to:

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Jill, thank you for your generosity of spirit and superlative style of volunteerism. I'm going to miss reading your posts but mostly I'll miss chatting with you.

If you happen to be strolling by the #4Help Wall of Heroes in a month or so, please stop to take a look at entry number 6 at

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