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Projects, Pizza & Pop Music!

Hey there 4helpers!

We're back and checking in with a few fun facts and distractions for your weekend and week ahead.

  • Sick of baking bread? Locked in your last puzzle piece? Here are 11 out of the box ideas and kits for crafty projects to keep your hands and minds occupied.

  • Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! Honor her with these ideas on celebrating motherly love in the time of Corona.

  • With Father’s Day on the horizon, GQ’s Best Stuff Box offers some thought starters for gifts he can wear to the beach (or on the next Zoom call with a beach virtual background).

  • Speaking of video calls, even eels were video chatting last week. The eels at a Japanese aquarium became so shy from not seeing humans during lockdown that the aquarium called for volunteers to FaceTime with them in a 3-day “face-showing” festival.

  • Is your new virtual meeting life getting old? You’re not alone. Zoom fatigue is real, click for more on why it happens and what to do about it.

  • Drama, secrets, and rivalries. No it’s not a reality TV show tagline, it’s the history of frozen pizza in the US! Learn all about it while you snack on your favorite slice.

  • Sick of social distancing? Of course you are. Let motivational and decision making psychology explain why it’s been so challenging for us lately. Or if you feel you’ve learned enough from this post, just listen to this upbeat and super relatable quarantine inspired new release from Todrick Hall!

Whether you’re staying home to slow the spread or working to safely reopen your local economy we wish you the best!

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