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Coming to a Cell Phone Near You in March of 2020, #4Help

#4Help is a new national non-profit corporation that is building the first directory containing vetted local, regional, and national, governmental and non-profit hotlines, helplines, text to chat and web chat services.

Once the first iteration of the directory is completed, #4Help has a mission to offer free and easy access by dialing #4Help (#44357) from a cell phone, or by visiting The directory will also be accessible from any phone by dialing [855.443.5767].

We are pleased to report that we will not to reject your generous donation to our 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, the North American Help Services Alliance, Inc. We are looking for as many volunteers that are willing to help us with the most difficult part of our mission, which is getting the word out about #4Help and Please consider helping us make our mission a reality.

What is #4Help?
#4Help, Coming Soon to 350,000,000 Cell Phones
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