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Bake Out of Boredom!

These days we’re all spending a little more time at home and in front of our devices. So people all over the country are getting reacquainted with their kitchens as we try to spice up our quarantines and shelter-in-place without going insane. If watching or scrolling the news every 5 minutes has also become a hobby, you’ve no doubt noticed the sudden interest in baking homemade bread.

Well, that is one way to keep yourself rolling in dough!

One especially time consuming option garnering a lot of attention is homemade sourdough. Sounds like an interesting hobby… unless watching yeast accumulate is not your idea of fun. If you’re still interested in tackling some ambitious kitchen projects, why not attempt conquering some of the most complicated dishes in the world? These labor-intensive delicacies challenge even the most accomplished chefs and bakers. On the other hand, these shortcuts and alternatives are a great way to keep your frustration levels low while still providing a share-worthy creation.

If cooking doesn’t appeal to you at all, these times offer a great opportunity to support local restaurants and let the professionals do what they do best! Whether it’s takeout or delivery, they’re sure to appreciate your business.

Unfortunately, many people are struggling to keep the pantry stocked at all during these trying times. Upon launch, #4Help will help connect those in need with key services such as local community & congregate meals, discount programs, and other nutrition assistance. Would you like to get involved? We are looking for passionate volunteers willing to help us spread the word about #4Help and Please consider helping us make our mission a reality by joining our volunteer team.

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